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learning aquatic sports

2010 and younger

The program is designed for children who love the water. Join us to have fun, to be active, and to throw a ball around. The practices include instruction on the basic principles of waterpolo - egg beater, hold a ball, throwing a ball, catching a ball, shooting a ball – and of the game. In addition, starting in 2019-2020 we offer the basic principles of competition strokes so kids can extend their aquatic experiences. Friendly games and in house competitions are part of our practice time.This program corresponds to the FUNdamentals and Technical Foundation phases of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model

Locations: Verdun, Lasalle & Beaconsfield 

Frequency: 1x per week (recommended)

my first team & competitions

swim & Waterpolo

The co-ed recreational waterpolo program consists of teams that are grouped by age (U10, U12, U14). We participate in the pamplemousses league (Nov-May), attend the jeux de montreal (April) and other invitational tournaments. Travel generally around the island of montreal. Activities are sanctioned by Waterpolo Quebec. Teams wear a uniform (swimsuit and t-shirt). Athletes can play in one or more teams if they choose.

The swim program will permit individuals to attend a swim competition in their local area organized by Swimming Quebec. This is a pilot project with support from our Community partners.

getting started

Basic Info

Children should be comfortable in the water and must be able to swim one width of the pool. A flotation device can be provided, the goal is to improve and develop swimming and waterpolo skills leading to regular team play without flotation devices. 

A simple practice bathing suit and towel

For competitions: a club t-shirt & club bathing suit 

Goggles and Bathing caps 

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